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Sunday 15 January 2017

Little philosophy of big ideas

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Little philosophy of big ideas

Calling all high school students who are preparing for the dreaded ordeal of philosophy, to those for whom this material is too tight, but also to all lovers of philosophy, Eyrolles just launched a brand new collection entitled "Little Philosophy big ideas "!

Designed by professors of philosophy, this collection aims to facilitate access to the major concepts that mark the history of philosophical thought, from antiquity to the present day, by the use of plain language. The first two major philosophical themes to open the ball naturally Love and Art.

Each chapter of these books is devoted to the thought of a major philosopher, the author focuses not only on the broad lines of his thesis, illustrated with quotations particularly significant, but also to put the ideas in a contemporary perspective, including the use of literary examples from everyday life. Beyond its educational materials, this collection invites to establish a link between concepts and set his own life, bringing to understand how the thoughts of great authors can feed our own thinking about the world and the problems it poses and by sometimes waver that we take as evidence.

Written by Catherine Merrien, associate professor of philosophy who teaches classes in Terminal, this book invites you to explore the concepts of love that have developed over the centuries. Plato, for whom "love is divine" to Count-Sponville for whom "love is the source of all joy," the book traces the main constructs that nourish still the idea that we have of the love.


  •     Plato: love, to touch the sky
  •     Lucretius and Epicureanism: make love without love
  •     St. Augustine: the devil
  •     Montaigne, like an honest man
  •     Descartes: desire what one believes and what one wishes to estimate
  •     Rousseau's love to the test torque
  •     Kant: the love held in compliance
  •     Schopenhauer: love exposed
  •     Nietzsche: love in friendship
  •     Andre Comte-Sponville: joy and love of virtue

The Art

Written by Eric Oudin, Associate Professor of Philosophy and preparatory class teacher, and Cyril Morana, certified teacher of philosophy, teaching classes Terminal, this book leads us to discover and understand the art conceptualized through the centuries by twelve great philosophers ranging from Plato to Deleuze. By comparing the thought of them, the authors open several lines of thought which are so many media scholars to think about art.


  1.     Plato and art denied
  2.     Aristotle or art imitating and purifies
  3.     Plotinus or the beauty of the arts
  4.     Diderot or realistic art, virtuous and national
  5.     Burke or the beauty in the plural
  6.     Kant and the beauty of art impure
  7.     Hegel or art as a manifestation of the spirit
  8.     Nietzsche and the power of art
  9.     Bergson or perception of art as issued
  10.     Alain and art in every sense of the term
  11.     Merleau-Ponty and art sensitive
  12.     Deleuze and art as resistance

In sum, these books give more than ever want to read or reread the philosophers, to confront their views and learn of their perceptions. They are also an invaluable tool for all who have an on-floor test philosophy.

Author: Dr IM

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