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Sunday 15 January 2017

How to Improve Memory

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3 Techniques to Improve Memory

There is nothing wrong with wanting to improve his memory. You do not need to go to a professional to learn how. You can actually do your own research when you have time . Here are some tips to learn more about improving memory and three techniques to improve memory effectively :

techniques to improve memory

How can I learn more about memory improvement

1 . If you have time , you can go to your local library to find books that deal with the subject . Then do some research and take notes on everything that deals with the subject , notes and more to help you improve the performance of your brain.

2 . You can also search on the internet you will find lots of information in our section lead his memory.

3 . You can also hire professionals to help you in this regard. The advantage of this method is to get the best advice and the best exercises from professionals.

Your lifestyle is responsible

One factor that plays an important role your lifestyle. Your brain needs a steady supply of blood and oxygen . By doing regular exercise and healthy eating , you give him what he needs. And even if it is not easy as a student , you should also limit alcohol. In the same spirit , the same soft drugs affect the ability to memorize .

 3 Techniques to improve memory :

To help you in order to retain more information as you want and need , here are three techniques you can put into practice .

 1 . Practice

Try using your memory at all times , not just when you need to revise but at any moment. The more you use , the more effective it is, the brain is like a muscle , you have to train .

 2 . View

Make a mental picture of what you want to store , especially if you need to store is long, you can, for example , visualize several parts, with a theme or sub-theme for each part to memorize better.

3 . Never stop learning

Do not stop learning just because you get older. This can help to do activities that you usually do when you were younger. If you have children , you can dive into the books with them to relearn things you had forgotten . This can also be a fun time for the whole family. You can help your children to do their duty , and while you do, you will be surprised how these simple exercises wake up your brain.

 Conclusion :

When you feel that things back hard to remember, is that it is again time to use these techniques to improve your memory. To prevent your memory regresses , pay attention to your lifestyle , and always keep your brain working.

Ways to improve memory

We would all have a photographic memory. Just imagine being able to remember everything you read since you are a child . Imagine the time you win in your studies. Unfortunately not everyone has a good memory , but there are several ways to improve memory.

Here are 6 tips to improve your memory :

  improve memory

1 . Exercise Your Mind

The more you use your brain , the more effective it becomes . To improve memory, you must use your brain as much as possible . Read a book . Solve a puzzle. Play games memory to develop the power of your brain.

2 . Play memory games

There are plenty of free memory games that can help you improve your memory . Do some research on the internet and you will find not many doubts . You can also play games like the mastermind who can help you work your memory and logic.

3 . Use visual tactics.

Most people who have managed to improve their memory have used visual tactics to help them remember more easily. For now, if you want to remember a shopping list without writing it , all you have to do is to visualize your home and every closet with things you need to buy to fill them. The visualization helps to keep the list in your mind.

4 . Repeat it again and again.

Many people come to remember things by repeating themselves. For example , the best way to remember the name of a person is using it in conversation with that person. This way you will be able to associate the name with the face of this person. It becomes easier to remember the name of that person the next time. The same principle applies to telephone numbers, the more you repeat , the more you memorize .

5. Eat properly.

There are foods that can help your brain to improve memory. Milk and tofu can help keep your brain in shape , for example. The same goes for fish and meat proteins which help the brain develop. Besides these foods are especially important for children because their brains are developing.

6 . Group the things

Another effective way to improve your memory is to group things . For example, to store a phone number, it's easier to do so by grouping the numbers rather than trying to memorize each digit.

There are many ways to improve memory , but before we go any further , start with these tips and you will soon have a much better memory.

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