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Monday 27 March 2017

How to prepare an oral competition | How to pass an oral examination

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How to prepare an oral competition

The oral competition is sometimes harder than the written tests. Especially for people who do not usually speak in public. Everything is spontaneous and the pressure is even greater . Yet this aspect of examinations may well be managed. Just prepare yourself . Here are some tips for a successful oral competition with confidence :

oral competition
 The review stage

Like any test , an oral competition requires rigorous reviews to ensure success. The cards are the ideal method to understand and record the course effectively. Gather key information to remember and do in summaries, part by part . Use different colors to mark dates, quotes or names , among others. This will allow you to store more easily. Also research on the news, according to the competition in question . What is important in an oral competition is to master the subject and thus be able to provide well-founded arguments or explanations during the interview .

Practice oral

Unlike written tests , oral competition does not leave much time for reflection . It will thus be prepared to respond quickly and correctly . So enlist the help of someone close to you exercise with answers questions on the contest theme .

Imagine the possibilities . To emphasize that the goal is not to respond tit for tat , but rather to provide the right answers as soon as possible . You must learn to structure your ideas quickly before answering. You also exercise to look the interviewer in the eye and pretend it was a "normal" conservation . The ease of implementation .

Relax !

Stage fright is undoubtedly one of the most disturbing elements that may prevent a successful oral competition . To minimize stress , learn to relax during the week preceding the event . Breathing is essential , take time to relax . Do not drown in your reviews. Allow moments of pause to aerate your brain and make it even better.

Why not do a bit of meditation? It will take you about 30 minutes a day and you will gain a lot.

Avoid at all costs making chemical painkillers as possible. If you are too nervous , consult a doctor for advice. In all cases , be in perfect shape is essential to pass the oral competition .

How to pass an oral examination

Some students seem naturally at ease to express themselves orally , while for others it is a real event that brings a lot of stress.

Nevertheless, the oral exam is mandatory and essential for successful test to graduate , here are some tips to help you feel more confident and pass your oral exam :

oral examination
1 . the preparation

Prepare in advance your oral exam . Take notes, do research and practice in front of a mirror or in front of family.

Be sure to know the information and especially to understand . Many students arrive at their oral examination without understanding what they are talking. The result is that stress can derail their oral examination .

 2 . Dress appropriately for your oral examination

It is important to have proper attire for the day of your oral examination . For example, if you pass an oral examination to study in the commercial area, and arrive in jeans and t-shirt, you can not be taken seriously .

In addition , dressing with a nice suit or a nice suit gives you confidence , try put a suit and look at yourself in the mirror , you feel immediately larger , more capable .

This confidence is reflected in your words for your oral .

3 . Organize your oral presentation

Introduce only the slides , text or images necessary for your oral exam . Make sure everyone has a place and is perfectly clear and easily readable by others.

Do not add too much unnecessary follow the frame that you have set , without unnecessary addition that can annoy your audience.

Develop a deep subject, only if it is requested by one of your professors or judges .

Create a connection

If there are other students , create a connection with them. At the end of your presentation, rather than sit down directly , remain standing to answer any questions. Your teachers will appreciate the attention.

While some questions, answer them clearly, addressing them , and also throwing an eye to the rest of the room moves.

Distribute a map of your oral presentation

In addition to the slides that you will use, do not hesitate to give a plan with the main points that you will discuss it allows your audience to know where you are.

Especially if it is an oral exam , remember that the jury sees scroll all day, make sure they can keep up easily, and they will appreciate your performance every time .

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