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Friday 24 March 2017

Tips of Maturity in exam | How to Prepare For Examination Of Maturity

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Do not Play At The soothsayer !

Although the temptation is strong , do not try to waste time with the " whole issue." Make predictions about which author you will be asked to the writings or what questions will the commission for the oral examination , you will fall into a state of anxiety further from where it will be difficult to get out! And then remember that in 99 % of cases, these predictions are not realized ever!

Password: Organization

Try to arrange all the material you need for the drafting of the paper ( if any) and the general review several weeks before the exam and organize them in the order that you have decided to study them. Respect then this lineup without jumping from one topic to another. This will help you not to forget any important topic.

use of vocabulary
In the first test you can bring with you a dictionary. On your part , try to pick one and complete trust in him in order to dispel any doubt. This will avoid the mistakes of grammar in a graduation exam can be quite burdensome ( and embarrassing !) . During the exam, do not rush and take advantage of all the time available to check what you have written and to integrate the parts that seem "poor" . In this sense , it would be appropriate to re-read the finished text to find even the smallest mistakes that were initially missed. Use a clear handwriting for the fair copy and avoid erasures .

simulation Exam

A good way to prepare for the exam of maturity ....... is to fake it ! Expounding Practice your essay , type an address ordained , not by outputs preset points . In this way, the teachers will be harder to catch you in a lie and you will avoid questions that might put you in trouble. If your institution so provides, prepared a PowerPoint presentation to help you follow a speech smooth and precise .

Not Refuse A Help

We all have doubts about some topic , no one " is born learned ." But many, out of pride or arrogance, do not seek the help of others ! And this is a big mistake! Remember that there is nothing wrong in asking for help from someone who knows more than you about a topic.

Attend To Your Previous Sessions
If you are fortunate not to be among the first to be questioned , make the most ! Go to attend the oral examination of your fellow : this will help you get an idea of the questions and the time that await you.

In addition , in the days of the exams (especially oral ) seek to introduce so nice and always be polite . Say hello to the commission when you sit , show unsure of yourself , never conceited and arrogant ! Select an appropriate clothing , but not too casual . Although in the summer, show up in shorts , tank top and flip-flops is not a great business card !


Finally, following these simple tips you will be able surely to face the exams with more serenity . One last thing : do not forget to get enough sleep. Study until late at night is not very useful !

How to Prepare For Examination Of Maturity

The weeks and days leading up to the exams are certainly the most stressful for the high school student : pressure from parents and teachers, the anxiety and the heat of summer will doubtless feel ! So today I want to give you some simple tips to deal calmly and effectively in the exam.

graduation exam

The power in the days before the exam is very important for your mental well-being . You should therefore avoid ( or minimize ) coffee and energy drinks : although will keep you awake , they will increase the nervousness ! Instead , opt for foods more " relaxing " like pasta, rice , lettuce and yogurt. Drink a lot of herbal tea and as a sweetener, honey prefer to sugar. Avoid foods high in sodium , and before going to sleep , try drinking a glass of warm milk : induces sleep and decrease gastric acidity .

Although important study , try to find the time to make small breaks during the day to " let off steam " a little bit : you can choose between an hour of shopping, a chat with a friend / a , watch your favorite TV show etc. . Even a walk in the green help a lot . Also, take a warm bath with essential oils will help you relax your muscles and mind .

Make good use of your notes .... but always keep them in order! During the underscore , I recommend you use more than two colors to highlight the essential concepts . Avoid erasures and asterisks : these common practices ( errate! ) only generate confusion in your mind ! Try instead to keep clean and tidy the study area , eliminating all unnecessary things from your desk . But, above all , turn off phone and computer .

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