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Thursday 26 January 2017


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Our Indian economy growing very fast at an average rate of 72% per year and its main driving force is cities. According to census 2001 our 28% of India's population lives in cities.
      and its is accepted that till 2051 50% of population lives in cities.
So Indian policy mainly focus on two key challenges in achieving the benefit associated with the fast pace of urbanization.
  1.  Managing the urban space.
  2. Alleviating urban poverty.

In December 2005 government launches JNNURM. This program aim to create economical productivity, efficiency, equability and responsibility. The mission focus on 65 cities through two mutually complementing programme NEWLY SUBMISSION 1  [urban infrastructure government] and SUBMISSION 2 [basic service to poor].
The main objective of this program is to make efficient and increase self sustaining capabilities of cities as per the  sector providing infrastructural services by serving the linkages between asset creation and asset management. Ensure adequate investment of fund fulfill deficiencies in the urban infrastructure services.
Duration of this mission is 7 year starting form 2005 but after sometimes this duration was extended by 2 year until 31 march 2014

for implementing  the funds are channeled through state level agencies where grants from the central and state government are pooled and passed on as grant or soft loans are provided to the cities for prepared development strategies and investment identified fit within this strategies.
Under this program  selected cities /urban agglomeration(vas) as per the 2001 census cities have been chosen for implementation have to fulfill this criteria
Cities/vas with 4 million population as per 2001 census
Cities/vas with 1 million plus but less than 4 million population as per 2001 census
Cities/vas state capital and other cities/vas of religion
ž  Only total 67 cities are eligible provided that the elected bodies in position 13 specific reform are mandatory for state and municipalities before fund can be accessed this act mainly planned for development of identified for cities including peri – urban areas out growth urban corridors so that urbanization takes place in a dispersed manner

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