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Sunday 29 January 2017

Importance of Computer Science | WHY TO STUDY COMPUTER SCIENCE

By Dr IM  |  08:50 1 comment

Importance of Computer Science

Computer science is a study of computer applications in theoretical and experimental way. Computer science had many applications in our daily life.

Following are the benefits of Computer Science:

      In the field of Education computer science and computers have great benefits and advantage. With the help of computer software and internet one can learn anything using online classes, tutorials, ebooks and by many other means. Today computer science is by self a biggest field of education and it brings a quality and quantity in Education.

      E Commerce is the best application of computer science, with the help of this we can purchase anything from anywhere in the world, even it is helpful for one individual to connect his/her business with the outer world by sitting at one place

      Communication has become so much easy now a days with the help of available application and internet. We can communicate with anyone around the world using various available means of communication like facebook, whatsapp, hike, snapchat; this all is possible because of computer science.

      Protecting people and organizations-  every organization now need digital protection , even individuals making purchases online and storing important information on their home computers,phones and tables need to  be assured that their information is safe.

      Solving problems and improving solutions, We all know that technology can help solve problems, but can also improve solution. Our society is constantly seeking ways to do things faster, more directly or just plain better, and computer scientists help seize those opportunities.

      In Industrial Areas
Industry is a lot of benefit from the use of computers science and the development of a human machine that 'robot'. Industrial production, for example requires a lot of computers to process data collected from employees, customers, sales, product information, production schedules, and so on. Yes said the computer used to control the production process. computer science will take place as employees very soon.

      In entertainment
Now the computer can be programmed to play music. Places of entertainment with music controlled by computer are cheaper and can be used at any time. Computers are also used to arrange the order of dance and music. Each game requires movement. Movement can best be obtained by detailed analysis of a physical system. Drawing using the computer speeds up the process of creating. The work of art can be done and made a review in a short time. Cartoon films produced by computers have grown so widely.

      At daily life
Microcomputer use also home to control the safety and control of air conditioning and lighting. The use of computers in the home allows housewife get the latest information about fashion and can make orders to use supermarket with and video. In addition to budget planning and inventory at home. This is all to do with a microcomputer that is connected to the national data bank. Children can use computers to learn school subjects or educational games. But it is clear that computers have become machines of information in our society.


You can take on the theoretical part of computer science working on problems similar to those a mathematician might and you can take on the programming part of computer science, applying these theoretical ideas like an engineer. The best part is that these two things go hand-in-hand. Becoming better at solving theoretical problems in computer science directly translates into becoming a better practical problem solver and programmer, and the opposite direction holds for the most part.
A computer science degree also lets you get into a field where you are highly desired by knowing the things that can change the world. It will change your thinking about solving problems. Problems that can give you headache computer solve it like within few seconds.
So you have to take a step in computer science world also.

The rapid development of science and technology has changed the pattern of life now. Everything, processing, gathering information, or any aspects of the various areas that were previously done manually, which gives a lot of risk has to be made more effective, faster, and more practical with the application or use of information technology or computer.

Covering the use in various fields including business, financial institutions, industry, education, administration and other fields have the desire to realize develop each country. The fact is, computers have become the heart and backbone of society today. Whatever the field, computing has a lot of people taken over the task. It will not only help in the calculations, store information, detect a decision also to increase efficiency and productivity. But they said it is now clear that the use of computers has been widely practiced and used. In line with globalization and the borderless world, the computer is a machine in the information society is also the main artery of all machinery administration in any field.

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