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Monday 16 January 2017

Tips to boost your brain

By Dr IM  |  01:58 No comments

Be ready to help yourself

This means that you must be prepared to change, once the problems have been identified, it is time to change your attitude , change your habits in order to get back to work .
Once you get started, there is no reason that you failed .
          How to study more effectively to stay motivated
The next steps are an aid to be more effective .
Organize your desktop. A change in your environment is always good to allow a fresh start.
Remove distractions during your revisions. This includes your friends , internet, phone , or anything that can distract you .
Pay attention to your sleep , do not stay up late , and still have 8 hours of sleep before starting the day, it's hard to concentrate when your body and your brain has not regenerated.
Reward yourself , set yourself goals revisions , and when you reach it, reward yourself , go to the air, a bite to eat or take a break.
        Take the air regularly. Your body and mind need fresh air to be relaxed and effective , do not deprive yourself .

Tips to boost your brain

Everyone knows that we must exercise our muscles to be physically healthy. However, there is not that our muscles need exercise .. our brain needs as much as our bodies. Use our brains in the right way we can be more focused .. This boosts your intelligence and ability to think . But how train your brain ? Here are some tips to boost your brain :

boost brain

 Watch less television

Numerous studies worldwide have shown that watching television can recharge our brain properly. After many hours of viewing , we feel softened and drained . A good alternative is to listen to good music. You can also read books or magazines rather than watching television.

Doing sport regularly

Exercise can boost your physical abilities. It can clear your head and creates a wave of positive energy. After a good effort , we feel more energetic and we can focus more clearly.

Read good books

For example, I 'm a fan of thrillers but I recently learned that this type of books not stimulating our brains. To improve our ability to think , it is better that classic good can be more focused. It also helps to build your vocabulary .

get enough sleep

Doctors advise to sleep at least eight hours per day . But more can sleep better recovery . If you can not make nights more than eight hours , why not try making mini- naps of 15-20 minutes between classes or during your breaks . Remember a complete sleep allows your brain to focus better .

Free yourself from worries

Free your mind from the cares of everyday life, too much embarrass our brain and makes it more difficult and tiring concentration. Do not hesitate to isolate the best ideas often come when we are alone , and can solve many problems .

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