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Monday 10 April 2017

Tricks for a Successful Study

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Tricks for a good study

 Copy or save your lecture notes

In response to the note-taking , which is one of the first steps in your research , it is very interesting to take in order to " put the clean." If you're the visual type , you may prefer to copy and reorganize in a way that will ensure further your memory , develop relationships and understanding. Do not skimp on either the formatting (lists, titles and subtitles , different characters , tables, images , colors, etc. . ) .

If you are hearing , you can also register reciting your notes. In summary, it is using the most appropriate method for you. This can be counted in hours to perform at home and it should be done systematically after each course promptly too (before the next class at least).

Enjoy the motivation to start getting ahead

It is a general rule, not only in the studies , our motivation is much stronger when undertaking a new project or a new activity. So the idea is to take advantage of this momentum to take a step ahead .

Do additional reading or forestall those provided in the course outline . You can also start your search now for your first long work or find teammates for team work . Even if it only lasts a few weeks in advance could take you a lot in the end.

Do not be afraid to ask questions

No question is silly ! It is rather silly to forego information that can be crucial simply because we're too embarrassed to ask a question. If you 're too shy to ask your teacher to the whole class , visit privately after class or in his office during his periods of availability. You can also write him an email if he accepts this type of correspondence with his students. Another solution is to ask your classmates if they can answer. By cons must still make sure you get them real good and truthful information.

In conclusion , remember these seven ideas to decorate your own tricks and methods because each person is a different student.

tricks for a successful study

Develop a detailed work schedule

Whether your agenda or another type of quite detailed schedule , first fill it with all your being previously scheduled . Learn then the time you have to go to study a course at home versus time spent in the classroom . For example, in the Quebec university system in general , we say that for a classroom session of three hours, six hours of personal work are required. In this way , set the hours immediately to your calendar. Determine the maximum ranges of three hours per subject or task in order not to bore you .

Also decide the best times of the day or week for a particular type of work. For example, you may prefer to read the morning because you are more concentrated at that time , and do practical exercises and research in the evening. Make your schedule accordingly your student personality. Finally, it is also important to place your various ancillary activities ( photography classes , jogging, meeting student association , etc. . ) .

Always take notes

During your course , it is essential to take notes , even if you have a manual, textbook or a workbook that accompanies teaching. One of the reasons why it is important to attend all your classes is just being able to note the elements mentioned by your teacher who then find anywhere else.

The simple act of listening and taking notes helps memorization and understanding of the material. So , should you be absent, you 'll have plenty of late and you may not ever be as well to take this matter if you had been there .

Moreover, it is extremely important to also note when doing readings, for example, in the margins of the volume if possible. Even better , make a summary of the leaves apart. Thus, when you study , you can only read abstracts , provided that they were well made and they contain references to pages of the book when necessary.

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