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Saturday 8 April 2017

Tips For College Students Study

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Tricks for college students

 Do not procrastinate

Always try to study in a constant and consistent manner, avoiding the accumulation of work in the last days before the exam ! Remember that good study habits come from the stimulation of yourself. Try to study a little every day rather than cram it all for the week before the exam. This will help you avoid a nervous breakdown and remember better what they have learned !

Do not Study Too

For most of the students , "study too " looks (and probably is ) impossible! But if you're the kind of person who "lives " in the library , know that you could do more work than is actually needed ! Among the study habits of college students , time management is one of the most important . So make sure that you are considering the main topics of the lecture or the textbook , and try not to absorb all the information useless. If you are not sure , talk to the teacher to make sure that you are considering what you actually need to pass the exam .

 Find Your Ideal Environment

Each of us has our own ideal environment for study. For some, it is a quiet reading room , while others prefer their own room. Others, however , prefer to listen to music while studying , while still others will need silence to be able to study . Try a couple of different environments and see what works best for you .

Taking A Break

Take a ten minute break for every hour of study and try to take a day or two of rest, if the commitments dont allow . This will help you stay focused and keep the mental condition.

Tips For College Students Study

The information age has made many things easier but , in many ways , it has made others more difficult ! Today, websites such as Facebook and Twitter are a constant danger to the concentration of a student. However, to have good study habits is essential if you want to succeed at university. Now let's see some useful tips for college students.

University Student

1 . Notes = Excellent Excellent Ratings

The correlation between having some good notes and good study habits is undeniable. However , knowing how to take notes is not a feature common to all ! The trick is to write down the key points of the lesson or textbook without including unnecessary information . If you have doubts or concerns about , do not hesitate to ask the professor during office hours or a colleague . Many students also use the recorder to class, so calmly listen to the playback at a later time to check the notes taken . But be careful ! Many teachers do not like to be " registered " ! So first, try to get their permission.

2 . Password: Organization

Try to keep a detailed calendar where to draw all your commitments : study activities , lessons, social events, extracurricular activities , etc. . In this way, you will be able to better achieve your educational goals . Even organize your notes should be a must for every college student . You can also use sticky notes ( post-it ) to remember the most important pages of the textbook .

3 . Disconnect and Reconnect

This may be difficult, since most students use their computers most of the study. However, the Internet is the worst distraction that there is and limit the time on it is one of the best study tips for every college student ! So try to set limits : for example, you may decide to connect to Facebook after only 19-20 in the evening or , in general, at a time that does not coincide with your usual time of study.

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