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Sunday 23 April 2017

6 Tips to have confidence on the day of exams

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6 Tips to have confidence on the day of exams

A review can be really stressful, but learn to have confidence in yourself is the best way to get good results.  The feeling of stress before and during the examination may prevent the best students think and understand clearly , this can sometimes lead to blackouts . So here are some tips to have confidence before an exam :
Confidence tests

1 . Prepare yourself in advance.

Try to be ready well before the fateful day of your exam , study at the last minute will not make you calm as you should be.

And lack of serenity will affect your confidence and therefore your performance. The more you prepare in advance , the less you stress the arrival of exams.

Last night before exams should be reserved to relax , not to revise .


2 . Treat your sleep

The night before the exam , sleep 8 to 10 hours to be in great shape. Fitness brings confidence , if you arrive the day of the exam exhausted, how can you have confidence in yourself ?

3 . Eat breakfast .

The day of the test , take a breakfast rich in protein with good vitamin rich orange juice. This will help your brain to be provided for review.

4 . Visualize yourself succeeding

Positive visualization gives confidence , imagine the day the results of the review, the smile that you post, to which you announce the news, and how they react , see the scenario in a positive way in your mind, as if this had already happened .

5. Master the negative thoughts

To maintain confidence , it must be able to push the doubt. When you catch yourself thinking negatively do this breathing exercise .

Inhale deeply for 5 seconds , lock the breath for 5 seconds, then exhale for 5 seconds . You can also use this technique for the examination, and just before oral .

6 . Use positive affirmations.

Condition your mind to think positively with positive affirmations such as " I can do it " "I know everything I need ."

Author: Dr IM

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