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Wednesday 26 April 2017

Auto mobile Engineering - A great option in field of Engineering

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Auto mobile Engineering - A great option in field of Engineering 

In the modern world, nobody has enough time in own life. The to-do in life have filled important to almost everybody's automobile. People who want to use modern vehicles. A growing passion of the people of automobile engineering vehicles largely filed detailed and made ​​stronger than before. Rising Demand of vehicles, by their Maintenance , size, maintenance, Color and Designs to have serious people. Automobile engineer called professionals who conducted this work.
          Now a day vehicle come in very large scale that's why the automobile engineering is very good opportunity in the world. India currently two and three and four-wheeler around the world including heavy vehicles because of the high quality no. One category is measured. In the Indian market two wheeler craze is very big issue and the demand of two wheeler becomes  colossal.  Record over the past decade, India has progressed in the field. The world's cheapest car Nano, India successfully creating and selling his record in the field flag is waved. Increment constantly getting into the profession, career opportunities in the youth field are made ​​reachable.

Spread Scope 

Sport Utility Vehicles in India's exports to become the world's Kendg point,
Due to the low cost of producing vehicles here because of cheap vehicles exported to Europe, South Africa, Southeast Asia does.
  India's small cars are exported to Europe. Growth of automobile industry in India today has become the largest exporter in comparison to other countries. According to the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Indian automobile industry from the year 2000 to the year 2 0 13 has four per cent growth. Indian small and light vehicles in the coming five years, nearly 18 per cent growth in the market can be. Reachable by providing opportunities to youth are connected to the automobile. Seeing the growth of the industry can be clearly stated that this career offers tremendous potential in Profession.


Competition in automobiles has increased significantly than before. So it has become very challenging field. Engineers to design the car or other vehicle is like a dream flight. They pay great attention to the features of the vehicles while Designs, and also have to take care of customer's choice. The speed of vehicles in work-field, styling, color, including fuel systems is to improve other important aspects. Usually a successful automobile engineers develop new design of the car or any other vehicle to operate.

Entry qualifications and institutions 

If your desire is to golden career in automobile engineering, automobile engineering course then you can take admission in the course. Degree in automobile engineering diploma courses as well as being driven by the institutions. Twelfth in automobile engineering degree course where the student can enroll in Mathematics. The three-year diploma course students must pass the class. Almost all institutions Admission entrance test for these courses are also conducted.
                 XII in B.Tech or BE (PCM) to qualify the IIT-JEE or AIEEE Admission can be taken. IIT, Delhi Master's degree in Industrial Designing (two years) can achieve. IIT Kanpur Industrial Designing also arranges two-year master's degree course. In addition, the Industrial Design Centre, IIT-Mumbai Industrial Designing Master degree (two years) can get. B.Tech from IIT Guwahati Dijainig these automobiles can enter the four-year course. You like, even in private engineering institutes can enroll in courses in automobile engineering. Maharashtra Institute of Technology Post Graduate Diploma in Automotive Design (PGDAD) admission can be taken.

Jaipur gives most IIT students 

Most engineering students in IITs ​​of the country from Jaipur. Students who qualify in IIT in Jaipur is on top. On behalf of the Joint Committee of IIT Kharagpur implementation analysis. Six cities of the country, about 40 percent of students qualify for the IITs ​​Jaipur is on top. Jaipur this year, 2780 students were qualified for IITs​​.
            This is the number of Delhi. It had 2349 students qualified for the IITs​​. On the other hand, including Jaipur and Delhi, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Vishakpattnm, Patna, Mumbai, Pune, Indore, Kolkata, Lucknow and 52.55 percent of the qualified students. Approximately 48 percent of the students are from other cities of the country. Earlier this year, 27 thousand 152 students had qualified the JEE advance.

So on top 

Most students arrive in the country to set quotas. However, its better coaching in Jaipur's students are beginning to stand here while UP, MP and Bihar to coaching students usually go to Delhi. Expert Ashisha Aurora, according to the quota of the center in the absence of JEE exam, most students are from Jaipur.
Registration of students from Jaipur, Jaipur from exams and selection remains at number one. Select from the Jaipur last year compared to the number of students has decreased somewhat. Selection to IIT this year was about 600 students from Jaipur, while last year the number was around 500. According to expert Amay Pandey, Kota exams are also many students from Jaipur. It is an important base of over Jaipur selection. Therefore, other cities and other states of UP students growing trend of coaching in Jaipur.

Last year scenario 

Jaipur Selection of the most trend was also observed last year. Last year 2188 students from Jaipur and Delhi in 1900 had qualified for IIT students, the total was 21 110 students qualified the JEE advance.
1. Jaipur - 2780
2. Delhi - 2348
3. Hyderabad - 2337
4. Vijayawada - 1448
5. Patna - 1107
6. Mumbai - 861
7. Pune - 730
8. Visakhapatnam - 715
9. Indore - 665
10. Kolkata - 646
11. Lucknow - 631

Know about New pattern of IIT JEE

Country in 2015 for admission in 16 IITs, ISM Dhanbad and the Joint Entrance Test (JEE) will advance to a new pattern. Examination PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics) by adding the senior secondary brands will inevitability of extracting the passing percentage. CBSE board students, including top brands on the basis of the subject passing percentage will -5. It must PCM Marks. Remain a subject of language and Marks can go to another subject, which might receive the highest marks. Before passing percentage determined on the basis of subjects Top -5 PCM brands to include, but not mandatory.
Advance JEE 2015. IIT Bombay is organizing. IIT entrance exam of the date of admission, syllabus and set the standards for eligibility is made ​​available on the website. Accordingly, our board which students will be included in the list of top-20 percentile students, who get a chance to take admission in IIT. It was not some kind of relief.

IIT was a tough way to enter 

General, OBC, SC, ST students for admission into IIT is way more difficult. Now 75 per cent marks in the senior secondary mailing general, OBC students will get admission in IIT. However, SC, ST and 70 per cent marks in board exams impaired candidates will be required to bring. The board is to set the standard in the top-20 percentile students. If a board determines the standard of time percentile percentile, his students can take admission by certificate.

So will be giving all the paper 

On the paper will pass in IIT entrance. If the candidate fails in one paper, so he can not enter. In such a candidate has failed in a paper of 2014 exam paper in 2015, it must pass the test.

Men will advance to the form of 

Before Advance JEE Joint Entrance Test (JEE) 2015 will host Maine. The examination of all of the country Triple IT, NIT seats are filled. Main feature in the merit list of JEE Top- 1.50 million students across the JEE find the registration form online in advance. This time has also changed the minimum qualification. The detailed schedule of Maine JEE online form filling is yet to come. The test can be conducted in April 2015.

Here is the schedule JEE advanced 2015

- 2, 2015- May 7 Make Online registration for JEE Advance
- 9 to 12 May to download entry forms from the website
- May 24, - JEE Advance to the paper (first Paper- from 9am to 12 noon and from 2 to 5 pm the second Paper- noon)
- 3 to 5 June Scanned ORS will be made available on the website
- 8-to 11-Jun-Answer will be available on the website.
- 13 Jun marks allotment process
- 18-​​Jun-JEE 2015 results to be declared

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