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Friday, 10 March 2017

The most common mistakes made an examination

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The most common mistakes made an examination

Here , according to the testimonies of many students , the most common mistakes made at an examination :

1 . Leave a Reply on white

 There is nothing wrong to "jump " a difficult question and move to the next to give you a bit of time to think about it. As long as you remember to come back to the question later ! The greatest danger in which it incurs in these cases is to forget to go back to all those questions that you had missed earlier. Remember that .... a white response is always the wrong answer !

Solution: Whenever you miss a question , put a check mark next to it. You will be very useful as a reminder .

2 . Study the wrong chapter
errors esamiOgni time you need to take an exam , make sure you understand what chapters or lessons should be studied . Keep in mind that there will always be times when a teacher will require examining a specific chapter that has never been discussed in class. On the other hand , it could also happen that the lessons the teacher can relate to three chapters , but the examination you will be asked only one of these chapters ! When this happens, you could end up studying the material useless , making you only lose precious time .

Solution: Always ask the teacher what are the chapters and lessons that will be required exam.

3 . Ignore the clock

One of the most common mistakes that students commit during the examination is not being able to manage time . In this way you will end up in a panic , with the type situations .... 5 minutes to answer 5 questions!

Solution: In the minutes before an exam , try to arrange work to do, especially when it comes to essay questions . Give yourself a set amount of time to outline and answer each essay question .

4 . Do not follow the instructions of the teacher
Care must be taken when the professor or the exam paper uses the words " compare" and " define " are many students who fail the interpretation of certain words ! There are some words " directional " that you should understand and follow when you take an exam.

Solution: Know the following directional words :

Define = provide a definition
Explain = provide an answer that offers a complete and clear description of the problem and its solution.
Analyze = " disassemble " a concept or process and explain it step by step.
= Compare list the main differences and similarities
Diagram = explain and draw a concept by means of a graph or other visual element .

Outline = provide an explanation of a given subject by headings and subheadings .

Top 4 Common mistakes made an examination

1 . Thinking too much !
You can not imagine how easy it is to think too much to a question and begin to doubt yourself ! The stress caused by this situation could lead to a wrong answer to a question that you knew !

Solution : If you are a person who tends to think too much, but you have stronger feelings than on an answer , in most cases it will be the right one. Limit time for reflection if you doubt your instincts .

2 . Technical problems ... !
If the pen runs out of ink , and it is therefore not possible to complete an examination, the white answers will be just as wrong as it would be for any other reason ! Do not believe it ..... but this is a common mistake that leads many students do not complete an exam !

Solution: Always carry a good supply of pens.

3 . Forgetting to put the name on the sheet
It will be for stress , tension or fear of not being able to finish a task that many students forget to write your name on the examination paper . And this could be a problem if you are college students , because the teacher does not know you ! In these particular situations (or even if you have a very strict teacher ) , a test that does not have a name attached to it will be trashed !

Solution: write your name on the sheet before starting the exam!

4 . Lack of self-confidence

This, to me , is the most serious problem that can plague a student ! Often it happens that we feel very prepared on exam day , but when you will be called upon to perform the test, your mind is lost in pessimistic thoughts because of the tension due consideration , especially if it is particularly difficult.

Solution: If you have studied , you will never have nothing to fear ! Less than finding a teacher particularly fussy and severe, not only hands down pass the exam but you will also get a good grade. A solution that always works is to do breathing exercises before the exam : breathe in the air with the nose and drop it from your mouth. In a short time you will feel more relaxed and confident about yourself .

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