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Friday 13 January 2017

When reduce weight of School Bags!

By Dr IM  |  20:55 No comments

Weight of school bags: new solutions for our children!

While some require a law to regulate the weight of school bags, PEEP offers several simple and common sense to stop to bend the backs of students.
Why not, as in many private schools in India, for example, assign a classroom to a classroom?

Students settle in the morning, leave their business and no longer have to wear the day. Less revolutionary, easier to organize, at minimal cost. These are teachers who move rather than cohorts of students. Besides the load removed, it has other advantages: less agitation in the hallways, fewer flights in the binders and fewer temptations to racketeering ... and books preserved. For matters that require specific local students only travel with the necessary equipment since they leave their bags in their "class".

PEEP parents take a bit of understanding on the part of teachers that multiply the signs of originality: the great binders, notebooks 24x32 (photocopies to better fit?) Of 192 pages that will never be finished, prefer notebooks over here little lighter in weight

All materials may be sheets, fun, colorful, attractive books-in cabinets.

Is it not amazing to walk around in her purse class at the same time Napoleon and Vercingetorix as the history lesson focuses on Louis XIV? In mathematics, Euclidean divisions have while we study the square roots? Why did Voltaire in French at the same time as La Fontaine? By Geography: a walk of Africa throughout the year in the bag while we explore the continent in May or June?

Students who have in one day more subjects will not carry in his bag that eight or ten sheets, ... or possibly 20 or 30 cards is the weight of ONE book!.


Of course some disgruntled say that the plugs will be lost, torn, crumpled, but it is better to replace a card that a book! Economy and what our trees!

Encourage new technologies: If the book-binder, it is submitted to the professor a CD or USB stick, for a slide show presentation with its sequence, we will do the math or SVT one hour of fun with the use audiovisual materials and finally ... what better way to learn with pleasure (or pleasure)!
We all know that colleges will be gradually equipped with audiovisual performers as spreadsheets media already in use in some schools, so let's be a little daring! And do not forget the digital binders that are still appearing timid but who intended to popularize ...
Ask for our children, learning means worthy of the XXI century!

PEEP is convinced that with a little common sense and a real desire for change, innovation in practices will benefit all.
At last If the weight of school bags reduce and definitely which increases our exam results.

Author: Dr IM

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