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Friday 13 January 2017

Prepare for the TOEFL exam from studying abroad...........

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How to prepare for TOFEL and check results
TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language, it aims to assess your English skills to allow you to go study in a foreign country like the United States or Canada.
There are two ways to pass the TOEFL test, either in writing or by computer, in which case we talk about the TOEFL IBT (Internet Based Test), Deborah spent one.

I left the first time in the U.S. when I was 16. I had skipped a class was younger so I decided to use the year ahead to achieve my dream. So I went to my first year in Kentucky. I returned to France a year later to spend my Bac ES that I had with a 20/20 in English.

This year I was in business school, it is at this moment that I realized that I wanted to continue my studies in the United States. All this required a long reflection but the benefits were so significant that there was no question to ask.
Studies are more comprehensive and valued, my degrees are recognized internationally and the fact of traveling and discovering new countries culture is very important for businesses.
I reconnected with the agency that had arranged my first trip to tell them about my project. I was immediately encouraged.

Once the decision to go to study abroad, it is to update administrives obligations and admissions. Notament TOFEL spend, what I've done a few weeks ago.

I'll describe as best I can how is the TOEFL so that future candidates know what they will face; and get better results.

A website is devoted to the TOEFL, you can find all the information you need and even ask questions or register (note: you register).
To explain in detail the conduct of the event, once you have the session date, start training and take your precautions in advance (transportation, hotel if necessary, etc..).

It should arrive about 30 minutes early because you must complete and sign a form that the representative will give you after verifying that you appear well on the list. Why do not forget your ID (national identity card or passport).
I arrived an hour before because there was no train later but I was not the first. I filled the papers and then, the speaker took a picture of me and installed in front of a computer screen or any information about me were displayed.
At this point, your mission is to check if everything is correct, do not forget to report any errors you may find, they will be corrected immediately by the administrator.

you do not need anything, everything is at your disposal: pencils, sheets, drinking, eating ... That day, I was cold, and I took my handkerchief, I have not had the right to use them, he gave me.
You will not have access to your belongings before the end of the test, you must either leave the locker room or in a separate room, it all depends where you take the exam.

The TOEFL test takes about 4 hours to 4:30 with a 10 minute break where you can go have a drink or stretch your legs.
I still took another break to go to the bathroom, which was noted in a notebook. The representative off my machine until I return. During the 240 to 270 minutes, you will be assessed on your English skills in four different categories:
- Reading comprehension;
- Listening comprehension;
- Writing;
- Speaking.

The exercises are progressive, they may seem very easy to see childish at first but their levels increase gradually. I must admit that for the Writing section, I found the last complicated exercise.
For all that is spoken, you will have a headset available, as for English classes at school when you were in LAB. You will need to answer questions, describe an image and even develop your arguments.
I found it very amusing, while for others it was stressful: having to speak aloud to everyone, but in fact you do not agree.
For the writing is pretty much the same system, you will have images or text to comment, you must complete a text with blanks or make a choice between different words to be inserted in a sentence.

When finished, you must leave your computer on with the window open. In short, after I finished, do not touch anything.

The results will be sent and the institutions you listed when you registered. It will then allow 4 days to a week, knowing that part of your score is displayed on the screen when the test is completed.
You should be aware that any fraud on your part will be a Center Problem Report, whether if you arrive late, ask if you pause too often or if you use media.

Author: Dr IM

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