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Friday 13 January 2017

How to improve your memory and concentration with hypnosis | How to improve memory in 4 steps

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How to improve your memory and concentration with hypnosis

If you had a tool to improve memory and concentration , would you know more ? The good news is that this tool can do all this and more , this is hypnosis .

There are people around the world who have problems with memory or concentration.

For one reason or another.

They forget dates, birthdays , events, and sometimes it's frustrating or embarrassing.

You can put an end to those problems , using a specialist practicing hypnosis or self-hypnosis, both are effective , here's how to get there:

improve memory hypnosis
The memory function

Memory is the ability to retain information. There are many factors that can affect this ability, such as lack of sleep, stress , poor diet , or simply age.

There is an interesting fact with concentration when you are under emotional event , your concentration is increased tenfold , for example , many people remember where they were and what they were doing 11 September 2001 .

Although you have the ability to remember these major events , if I ask you what you ate yesterday, you'll have to pause and reflect.

To improve memory , there are some prerequisites, and the main thing is to have the intention to remember, this is what allows you to put in a mental condition that increases the concentration .

Some tips to improve your memory

Then images are a way easier memorize images and emotions work better than numbers and words.

Repetition is another factor , by dint of repeated information may become permanent and acquired .

One thing that is often overlooked is that your mind should be relaxed to function optimally.

And finally, you must believe that you have a good memory, use positive affirmations if it is a problem.

How to improve your memory and concentration with hypnosis

Hypnosis can bring all these factors to succeed in improving memory and concentration.

With hypnosis , you will learn how to focus , how to develop and use your permanent memory and strengthen your spirit .

The effectiveness of hypnosis is that it reaches a deeper level of your subconscious , where your faith lies in your abilities , strengthen the belief that you can memorize and concentrate more easily , is to strengthen capacity itself.

While hypnotized , you will achieve a deep state of relaxation while being aware of what is happening .

Many people believe that being hypnotized can lead to loss of control , but one can not force your mind to take control , it is a myth .

In addition to improving your memory and concentration , hypnosis can reduce your stress , improve your confidence and your self yourself.

In summary :

Hypnosis is an excellent tool to improve concentration and memory , especially if the issue is important not hesitate to call .

How to improve memory in 4 steps

Is this would be great to read a course and never forget ? And if you ever forget the birthday of your friends ? Unfortunately, a visual memory is not given to everyone. Few people have a visual memory , and the rest of us have to use techniques such as mnemonics to help you remember .

improve memory

 Fortunately , everyone can improve their memory , and with a little time and practice most people can develop the capacity of the brain to retain information . Whether to pass an examination or competition, or simply remember where you parked your car, and article will give you the way to improve your memory efficiently.

1 . Motivate Yourself

You can have a good memory, it can be improved . Most people are content to resign and accept as truth that they do not have a good memory and it can not be changed. Immediately remove these negative thoughts if that's what you thought so far, you can improve your memory.

2 . Grow your brain.

Regular exercise helps your brain to remain powered and develop new neural patterns that help to improve memory. Develop a part of your brain is no more difficult than learning a new language or learning to play an instrument. You can try to solve a puzzle or search exercises to develop his brain to help you .

3 . Exercise your brain every day.

Regular work your brain improves blood circulation and makes your body more efficient, it eliminates the problem of memory loss. Physical exercise can also help them to be more relaxed and allow your brain works better.

4 . Reduce stress.

Stress is caused by a hormone called cortisol. Stress does not cause any physical damage to the brain but can create memory problems . After prolonged stress , the brain can still be damaged. Stressful events are also recognized by a part of the brain is called the hypothalamus. What you need to remember is the impact that stress can have on your brain and therefore your ability to memorize. For this limit stressful situations , and engaging in activities that relax each day.

Conclusion :

Your brain is the most important part of body. Always keep in mind that you need to exercise and stimulating , this is the best way to improve memory.

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