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Saturday 14 January 2017

How to Get a Job

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How to get a job as a crab fisherman in India

Thanks to the growing popularity of programs that show people in dangerous careers has increased the number of people who decide to become crab fishermen in India . After all, it is a very exciting and dangerous job with a good salary . However, for the hundreds of people trying to get this to work , every year , only a handful of boats in the fleet , and jobs are hard to find . Here are some tips to increase your chances of getting the job as a crab fisherman in India.
                If you can not immediately go to India , Seattle considers moving to find work with the fishing fleet there. Many of the fishing boats leave from Seattle and India cod, salmon and other fish during the off-season . If you get the job on a crab fishing boat when it is not craw-fish season , you can have the chance to stand at the head of the fleet of the Bering Sea crab fisheries.
         Another option is to travel to India and get a job in one of the villages in which the team arrives . Places like mumbai Goa Chennai and have fish processing factories , so they are very good places to look for a job that will allow access to crab fishing . In general , work with a fish processing factory gives you the opportunity to see what the fisherman does when bringing fish to download. This allows you to decide if the crab fishing is really the career to which you aspire . It also gives you a chance to meet the skippers of fishing.
                You save enough money for a trip to India , not to mention that if you get the job you need to buy your own equipment . But in the meantime you need money for basic needs like food and shelter. The cost of living in India is much more to live in the Lower 48 . The Division of Employment Security India want to have a return ticket and a surplus of < 50,000 in cash or credit card as a resource when you arrive. The people who come to India without warranty work do not trust the social services when they ran out of money .
Also be prepared for hard work . Once you have the chance to meet the ship's captain , let him know that you are a person of integrity and hardworking. Lazy people are not welcome in the crab fishery , because it is a very labor intensive . Hopefully you can find a way to get a job as crab fishing in India.
    Consider the work for stations while India and know their job opportunities.
    Be careful with companies that advertise "High Pay Fishing Jobs in India ." Usually these companies will pay a fee for membership and send you a list of employers, that is the information that you can find yourself free on the internet .

Looking for a job between recruiter who can not offer it - good and bad advice.

Ok , let's talk.

All back to say that ' it is true , it is difficult to look for work , but it is equally difficult to find someone who wants to do the job that is offered ' . As if to find a guy who wants to prove himself and risk , is an undertaking. Yesterday realized on the courier and read an article that first makes me turn the dates and then leaves me puzzled, young people prefer the fixed place and follow the advice of the mothers, who -just- directing them to the permanent position . Note: this does not know what it's about . Apart from the fact that talks about software engineers and for this category of vacancies are as numerous as mosquitoes on the belly of a newborn, but I wonder what the origin of this statement. I'll go on the company website and find out that the ads are dated to 2011. But who would send a CV to an ad that old? I mean, here , dawn of 2014 forwarded , we are still in 1994.

            Yet , this article makes me think of this idea to write this guide to work 2.0. Sure, he's back , but I ? Chat with friends and find that - all the more intimately dress - shirt Brandon, license plate 90210 . Why look for a job now no longer means ' send CV and wait ' . It means follow a pattern obstacle that after you've passed the monster of the last level , arrivals perhaps an interview. But where is the error? It seems that everyone knows how to do ... Only it does not work. I, too , say, I did all the steps and then find myself to be afraid to go to the bathroom to not stray too far from the phone. The days of orientation in universities serve only to explain how to make your Curriculum Vitae. In short, 4 hours to find out that there is a model on which to rely preset line : the Europass .

              But if everything is online, what are you doing here? For personal tips , right? 1 . English in if I meet Lord Byron, I correct the pronunciation, but also in the various placement schemes : A1 , A2, B13 ... sunk ! 2 . Another great global hint : to remain imprinted , "remember to focus on your hobbies , yes those who make the difference ."
                But a trick is revealed to a thousand people , it is not a trick : it is a slander ! The final sentences of the CVs are always the same : "I love movies, I love to read , I also love to play sports . I am interested in social issues , I am also a bit 'of volunteering , and above all I am also passionate to the kitchen. " Would want to take any one candidate and say, " Prove it . Thence there are pots and a refrigerator. Let's see what you got ... " 3 . final advice , practically the Law : do not send CVs at random , put in front of a nice letter of introduction. Bon , also there : quick search on the Internet, the most daring send an email to his friend ' who did it ' , asking him what he wrote in his. Time 3 minutes, and the letter is ready. You change the company name and street with SPAM.
         Maybe add some personal detail , as a detail , a specific place : we're going to live in the workplace , we see that we are not automatons of research ... All done , and now the full immersion in research. I subscribe to all the search engines, I rely on the most accredited and - at the end of the fair - I clash with . I did everything , but nothing happens. To be called among the plethora of candidates is more likely to convince a penguin on the importance of using sunscreen. Not to mention that , even if you do an interview , be called part of the issues dealt Area 51 : not received. And if it happens one day of depression , there is what makes you , "Well ' , is obvious. Talks not walk because you have no experience of talks , have no experience of talks, to send out to all the same stuff and seems unmotivated . And do not call you ... It 's all a matter of practice : you just have to start . " But then what is the problem ? My cell phone does not ring ? No, because if my mother calls me , it always sounds . Monster ? I do not think . Call Infojobs , call Stepstone , but the old story does not change its : always the same as before . I started so many times , every day , I think Groundhog Day .

So what?

So the point is that we continue to play a game that is completely different, with the participation Round an entirely different , but using old rules for 20 years. No, not good. It is not a matter of advice, which will also be valid for those who gives them to you , but now you have to understand that they were valid . Finish.
       Today, things are different and the term has a meaning Esuberati true : there are too many to play this game, and the end of the fair. It occurs to me that the first step we need to do is to start thinking in person to the new rules. Become , in short, players and coaches on the field. Why does not make sense to keep pushing a door that probably opens the other side. Like when we read we continue to push and pull . As long as you do not pull , will not open. Simply, you have to change the route. That does not mean more direction, but breakage.

Jobs and good salaries ? Here's how to find them abroad

Engineers , cooks, doctors, but also bartenders and sellers.

 History known for at least 10 years. Youth unemployment is at 40 percent. The figure is alarming , but only for job seekers under the house . Beyond the Alps and the work is also well paid. An Italian nurse who works in a British hospital takes home  1900 against 1500 a fellow of the Palermo City .Finding work in Europe you can. The portal crosses the demand and supply of labor in 32 European countries . The opportunities are many. There is room for receptionist , but also for chefs, systems analysts and programmers , bartenders and waiters , mechanical engineers , salespeople, engineers , marketing experts , experts in mechanical etecnici of electrical installations. To find work just the suitcase, and a second language. According to data collected by Panorama , 31000 companies seek workers with the EURES portal . The empty positions around 7000 , spread between France , Switzerland, Austria , Germany, Netherlands , Sweden, Norway , United Kingdom. Salaries in Europe , for the same use are higher by 30-60 percent compared to Italy .
The largest square where finding a job is Germany. There, between Stuttgart , Berlin, Hamburg and Monaco There are 4296 companies ready to take on. But behind it all , there must be a perfect knowledge of the language. "I have a degree in languages ​​. Specializing in German. In Italy I was only a few lessons in a private institution . Then one afternoon I decided to upload my resume on the EURES portal . After a few months I was contacted a company for e -commerce, a start-up in Hamburg.
                 Now I am the head of marketing and earning 1,800 Euros per month. A resume filled in English opens the doors of work , "says Francesco Lantern . On the EURES portal where all the jobs of the companies operating in the United States and CVs of job seekers in the EU.In the fall start a recruiting oncologists, cardiologists, surgeons, geriatricians and operating room assistants for 200 posts to be filled in Denmark. "I'm in the third year of specialization in cardiac surgery, but I worked for a period in Switzerland. 
There, if you are good they send you in the operating room and maybe then you can even have a contract. My future is abroad , "says Salvatore Torre , a doctor specializing in Verona                 Good chances for the engineers. There are 80 places in Norway. In particular, engineers need for the information technology, telecommunications and gas. Average salary : 4500 Euros per month. So as convenient. But eye , change of lifestyle can be expensive. Bring your own car in the UK costs 1500 pounds, only for the change plate . Just got better cycling...........

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