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Tuesday 16 May 2017

Members of parliament local area development scheme

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Members of parliament local area development scheme
The scheme was launched  on  23rd  December 1993  ,when  prime minister announced in parliament about the objective of the scheme ,which is it allows members of lok sabha and rajya sabha to execute the scheme of there choice . it will facilitate the immediate execution of small but locally important schemes which are not  executed since long huge period of time . the works carried out under the scheme are - construction of buildings for schools, hostels, libraries and shelter for old/handicapped, construction of link/approach roads, culverts/bridges, public irrigation and public drainage facilities etc. as indicated in the guidelines.

Some important features of the scheme are :-
(I)            MPs will given choice of work to the concerned district head i.e he must be guided by the procedure layed by state government .
(II)        The work under the scheme shall be development in nature based on locally felt needs.
(III)    The funds under the MPLADs may be used for the creation of durable assets which shall always be available to public use at large.

According to the funds realized the individuals work suggested by MPs should not cost more than 25 lakhs . yearly funds will be released for effective implementation of the works taken up under this scheme , each state government/UT administration shall designate  one nodal department for physical monitoring of statistics and programme implementation,govt of India.

Author: Dr IM

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