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Sunday 7 May 2017

How to rediscover your motivation | How to study effectively

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How to rediscover your motivation 

Find the Reasons: Try to think and to write at least 10 reasons why you should open the damn books and start studying. I do not actually have to be reasons for the "right" or nobles, the important thing is that they are real and can spur you on . 
            Maybe you have to pass the exams with the highest grades to enjoy the holiday of your promise , and perhaps pass the exam is a challenge with yourself , maybe you're aware that the determination that put in the study will determine your success in the future. Again, no matter what your reasons, but if you want to achieve a goal, you must have at least one reason to do it: find your reasons and you'll rediscover your motivation .
Get in Action . There is nothing more motivating to get in the action when you do not want , you've got it right : to prove to yourself that you are able to act in spite of everything , means training the muscle of your willpower . 
          Try to imagine how your life would be if I were able to accomplish whatever you decide to do: Do ?? not hurt it ... ;-). Well then you know exactly what you need to do just read this article.
Now that you've learned how to find the will to study, let's see how to approach the study in an effective manner , so as not to lose more time than necessary !
      Please: If you think you still have to work on your lack of motivation, you can read the best blog articles on the subject in this section.

How to study effectively

3 practical tips for those who want to know how to study well and quickly.

how to study

" I would live to study , and not study to live."
Francis Bacon.
With the exams coming and the summer session of university exams , I get more and more emails from the large group of students who follow the blog effectively , in many emails often returns to the same question: how can you study well and quickly ? !

There are , within the blog , numerous articles on learning quickly, one of the pillars of personal growth , but reading and re-reading your email I realized I was missing a little something ... so I decided to write this article explaining , in 3 simple steps , how to study effectively .

I hope you will find this article useful and to reciprocate so, at least in part, the interest and the appreciation you show me as a reader of the blog ;-). But enough talk ! Let us see what are the basic ingredients for effective study .

1 . Find the will to study

Want to study saltami me!
How many times have implored the divine " want to study" because it takes possession of you and magically you help him investigate the string of dusty books on your desk? !

For the study, as well as for every other goal you give in life, develop the ability to motivate yourself is essential. But what is the trick to regain lost motivation? I want to tell you a little trick that I use whenever I feel lazy and unmotivated.

The term motivation is composed of 2 words : Reasons and Action . Every time you do not want to study, you feel listless and without the right energy , try doing these two simple things:

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