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Tuesday 14 February 2017


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This is a concept brought up by our respected Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. This concept says that elections in India should be only once as elections in India take place every year in one or the other state. Due to which there is high wastage of money, time. Also due to elections people get disturbed their work gets disturbed. 

This is because in elections people get duty and have to leave their work for the elections. This many Elections are the reason for the loss and wastage of money. Due to elections politicians waste the money just to win. They want to win the power on any cost by hook or by crook. They go to any extent to come into the power also due to which corruption increases

Elections should be only once in India. This will lead to saving of a large amount of money. But this seems impossible because people in India are not ready for it. As people in India are not habitual of this and they cannot change their mindset suddenly. They need time for something that is very new to them and to forget what they had followed for a long time. This concept can be a good option for saving money and time as well.


SAVING TIME - Elections are held every year in one or the other state and half or even more than half of the year is spend by the politicians just concentrating and thinking about the strategies to win and come into power. The name calling and the blame game takes a lot of time which can be used for other useful work.

SAVING MONEY- Elections are not just tiring but also expensive. Parties spend a lot of money on campaigning for the elections which can be used for a better purpose, for serving the nation and the society.

ENCORAGING POLICYMAKING- The fear of losing voters prevents politicians from encouraging the passage of politicians that require immediate attention. They are never united in their decisions because they are always worried of how best of appease the people they are expecting highest votes from.



SEEMS IMPOSSIBLE- This is not as easy as it looks. Holding Lok Sabha elections with the panchayat or the assembly would be difficult as there may be shortage of administrative staff. Also the security of the process would be reduced. Less care at the voting centers may also create trouble and corrupt process may carry out without checking.

COST CAN STILL BE CUT DOWN- By putting strict restrictions on the expenditure of the parties the overall dilemma associated with the elections can be controlled. If there are strict restrictions the expense would not exceed normal in any circumstances.
KEEPING A GOOD CHECK- Losing power is a fear that makes politicians work. Regular elections keeps the politicians active as they need to be presentable to the people in elections and their one wrong step or decision can take the power away from them.

ONE INDIA ONE ELECTION can be a good step for India if provided with proper facilities officials and rules as well. Without which it can become a dilemma rather than solving problems which is ultimately its actual goal.

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