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Monday 3 April 2017

Deal with an Oral Examination

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How to deal with an oral examination

 The oral examination is much more stressful than a written examination. When the professor makes us the question you have to answer .... and as soon as possible! In today's article , I will try to give you some useful tips on how to deal with an oral examination without prejudging the outcome . First, we analyze the response time , which is critical , because it is the basis of it that determines the outcome of our investigation. However, everything will depend on the order and method by which you have studied .
           Examination oral evviamente , who will ask the question .... he already knows the answer! And the teacher , you 'll be referring to something that , according to the program , the average student may not know . This may be obvious or less : the moment's reflection will serve to precisely reconstruct the mental process by which arrive at the answer. 
Trace back the section of the book , chapter, or section that interests you and spread from there to build the answer. The responses , in turn , can be divided into two categories : dry and problematic. The answer will require a dry immediately the problem , which to follow the solution : in this case , keep in mind you can add " unnecessary information " ONLY after you meet the expectations of the professor for that question . 
          The answers issues or " no answers " to underlie an open question that prevents or to give an immediate solution to the problem : one could then reconstruct the path by which to arrive at a number of possible solutions and , if anything, propose their own . 
Of course, the answer wrong (ie pose a problem where there is no or not to see it when there is ) , affect the success of the oral exam . If you have not framed the type of response to be given to the examiner , you begin to carry out a reconstruction of the problem , hoping that the professor will address further ( as is usually the case ) with the clarifications to listen quietly.

An Oral Examination Dealing 

  What I strongly suggest is to not cheat by saying phrases like " but it was what I meant! " Or " yes .... I was going to say ," because you will make only obnoxious and arrogant in the eyes of the teacher ! Try instead to continue on the road dell'aiutino received ( it depends on the teacher that will happen !) . If you understand , however, that he had framed the problem and are responding correctly ( and without making it blatantly ) , enter the escape response in a profile, possibly " problematic " , connected to the first question: with high probability that the professor " going to catch the invitation " , asking you to deepen your topic. 

Of course , you can re-use this " technique " for the other answers. Practically , this will transform the examination in a friendly conversation ! On the contrary, if you are weak on a certain topic , try not discover too much about it , without pointing out , however, the teacher who 've been avoiding ! In any case, keep calm , because it is the only way to effectively reason : often tests that appear to compromise , they are " saved" with recoveries due to the readiness with which , to insights examiner , may prove to be able to reason with the little that you know .

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However, apart from anything else , I would recommend taking an exam always prepared , because otherwise the percentage of rejection will obviously be very high ! Then remember one thing : the professor who , at the first hesitation or uncertainty , terminate the examination or " wicked " more than necessary, is emotionally disturbed and should be pitied ! Many of them , unfortunately , have not yet become aware they were not suited to teaching !

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