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Sunday 12 February 2017

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Being a Celebrity

By Dr IM  |  09:14 1 comment

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Being a Celebrity

Everyone aspires to become a celebrity. Being a celebrity bring name and fame (gaining respect in public recognition).Celebrities enjoy a full luxuries life because they earn a lot of money. Their life style often tempts common people. Celebrities are respected and have a huge fan following. Their fans follow their lifestyle, opinions, and ideas, religious. They always get crowd wherever they go. They enjoy specials privilege in the eyes of society. 

Being a celebrity brings them wealth and lots of fortune, they have luxurious homes, cars, expensive clothes and other things. Celebrities are quite popular among the masses; their popularity make them great ambassadors. Companies give often hefty sums to celebrities for endorsing their products.Their popularity utilized by companies to sell their products.

Celebrities are all around the world; they are recognized and paid attention by their fans all over the world. Celebrities earn a lot of money from their respective fields, films, entertainments, sports etc. They appear more young and energetic then common people of the same age. They often undergo different surgeries to look better which common people can’t afford. The greatest advantages of being famous are that celebrities are usually very rich so that they enjoy all the modern facilities of life. They afford latest model of fast cars, gadgets etc., they live in beautiful and big houses with servants to look after their daily needs.

Celebrities do not have to worry about their future. Their children’s also enjoy the privilege of their parents. They are often invited in big parties\events in different countries. They have a group of men such as fashion designer, hair designer, bodyguards working after them.

Celebrities can’t enjoy the life of common people. They can’t live out of their homes freely whenever they live they have a huge rush of crazy fans, waiting for their autographs and selfies. They have no peace and privacy. Celebrities have no personal life; we hear a lot of rumors about their linkups, relationships. They have to face criticism and condemnation from fans.

Sometimes also for false rumors media and fans often irritate celebrities about asking them their personal life like when are you getting married? When are you having children’s? Are you dating someone? The media covers every activities of their life. With their recent activities and relations are published in number of newspapers, journals, and internet. The major disadvantages are to keep a strict control on your tongue. Think twice before you speak. Celebrities are considered as role models.
Their incorrect statements can lead to big controversies. They have to face political and fan criticism .They has to undergo late marriages and often marriages at the age of 35 to 40.During this long period they have to focus only their career. Being a celebrity you have to focus on your style and glamour. Celebrities are often risk of life, threats from criminals so they have to keep bodyguard with them. Sometimes they are annoyed by fans hacking their personal accounts carrying their numbers.

At last being a celebrity brings down name and fame on one hand but on the other hand we see that there is a disadvantage of being celebrity too.But advantages of being celebrity’s covers up the disadvantages.

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